Leo Haviland: Interviews and Reviews

In his interviews, Leo:

  • Discusses persuasion and influence in our culture
  • Analyzes rhetorical strategies embraced by Main Street and Wall Street, including the language of money and finance, games, love, war, politics, religion, the fine arts, and natural physical science
  • Reviews living and talking (and advertising and selling) the American Dream in today’s world
  • Provides stock, interest rate, currency, and commodity marketplace analysis and predictions

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Television Interviews with David Holland of PlanStronger TV (recorded January 2017):
“Government Debt and How It Affects All of Us”
“The US Dollar: How Its Highs, Lows & Moves Impact Marketplaces and Main Street”

Interview with Scott Shuster (three parts), NYC, 8/1/16:
“Future administration/US Federal Reserve potential response to the populist upsurge in the US”
“Marketplaces 2016 factors- US elections, Brexit, and China”
“Populist/Nationalist quest for change in the US/EU- Economic or cultural?”
(listen to all)

Interviews on “The Small Business Advocate Show” with Jim Blasingame, (listen 1) (listen 2) (listen 3): 1/2/18, 10/26/17, 7/4/17, 5/2/17, 3/9/17, 1/25/17, 11/22/16, 10/20/16, 8/31/16, 6/23/16, 6/10/16, 5/23/16

Interviews on “Plan Stronger Radio”, “Real Money”, with David Holland: 10/24/16 (listen), 7/16/15 (listen), 2/25/15 (listen), 5/8/14 (listen) and 4/10/14 (listen) www.planstrongerradio.com www.realmoneyradio.com

Interview on  “Build Your Business Radio” and “Wealth Building Hour” with Barbara Weltman: 10/18/16 (listen)
www.barbaraweltman.com www.wsradio.com

Interview on Stock Marketplaces with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on The China Story with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on Commodities with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on Interest Rate Marketplaces with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on US and World Debt with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on Currencies with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on Leverage and Credit Standards with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on Leo’s Book, “Words on the Street” (Language and the American Dream on Wall Street) with Scott Shuster, NYC, 5/1/14

Interview on WGN radio, Chicago, IL, with Mike McConnell. 6/5/13

Interview on WHK radio, Cleveland, OH with “The Advocate”, Nick Phillips. 4/28/13

“For Your Ears Only” (formerly “Newsweek On Air”) radio interview with David Alpern, a nationally syndicated show. 10/26/12

Wall Street Journal Radio Network, interview with Michael Castner of “The Daily Wrap”, a nationally syndicated program. 10/3/12

Interview with Frankie Boyer, “The Frankie Boyer Show”, a nationally syndicated program, Lifestyle Radio Network and Business Talk Radio Network. 10/11/12

“America Tonight”, with Kate Delaney, a nationally syndicated radio program. 9/17/12

Interview on WDUN radio, Atlanta, GA (FOX News Affiliate) with Katie B. Davis. 9/10/12

Interview on WBT radio, Charlotte, NC with Don Russell. 9/1/12

Interview on WCCO radio (CBS Radio Network), Minneapolis, MN with Moose Miller. 8/20/12

Interview on WRVA radio, Richmond, VA with Jimmy Barrett. 8/10/12

KPNW radio show with Bill and Rob, Eugene OR. 8/9/12

Relevant Radio Network interview with Glen Lewerenz, nationally syndicated. 7/27/12

“Something You Should Know”, nationally syndicated radio interview with Mike Carruthers. Recorded 7/26/12

Interview on “America’s Radio News Network” with Ernie Brown, nationally syndicated. 7/19/12

The University of Chicago Magazine, July-August 2012 (Volume 104, Number 6), at page 55

Interview on “Daybreak USA” with Jay Young, nationally syndicated IRN/USA Radio News Network. 6/21/12

Issues Today Radio” with Bob Gourley, nationally syndicated radio from Los Angeles. Interview 6/14/12, interview broadcast 7/2 through 7/8/12

The News Dissector” interview with Danny Schechter, in NYC on the Progressive Radio Network. 6/8/12

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Book review by Tim Grant: “Book reveals Wall Street’s tricks of the tongue”. 6/6/12

WNDB Radio, Orlando/Daytona Beach FL, interview on “Marc Bernier Show”. 6/1/12

Money Matters” with Gary Goldberg, regionally syndicated in NY-NJ-CT area. Money Matters Radio Network. 6/1/12

America Tonight”, radio program with Kate Delaney. 4/18/12

Tim Connolly’s “Winning Strategies” radio show. 3/23/12

America’s Radio News Network” with Lori Lundin + Chris Salcedo, Ernie Brown. 3/20 and 3/21/12